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Salt is a journal published (ideally) each season in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Ellen James and Berry Steiner.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Private Eyes Are Watching You...

watching your every moooove...(this should be sung to the 80's classic "Private Eyes" by Hall and Oates.)

It's the day before Valentine's Day and a story on Yahoo caught my eye today. According to this article, gumshoes and sleuthhounds alike are working overtime around Valentine's Day in search of today's Bill Clintons and Monica Lewinskys.

"Valentine's Day is the biggest day of the year for private investigators," Tony Delorenzo, of Private Detectives of America, a New Jersey-based company. "This year we're doing surveillance Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because if somebody has a lover it will be on one of those days to catch him."

While everybody here at Salt Industries is focused on Heroes and Villains, this article made me think of our last edition, the Spy issue.

Specifically the great article written by longtime Salt galpal Andrea Lively. In her always brainy but yet funny contribution, she figures that privacy is really a thing of the past. And its not just big privacy issues like warrantless surveillance, but things like ATMs recording our questionable withdraws at 4:00 a.m. or the local Wal-Mart collecting our purchase records. Everyday of our life can be easily tracked through bank surveillance cameras, time cards at work, or the scanner at the grocery store. Andrea writes that even Google has taken spying/stalking to a whole new level. Haven't we all Googled friends, lovers, and coworkers? They've probably Googled us and I'm embarrassed to say, I've Googled myself.


Friday, February 10, 2006

Nasty Boys

As I typed the title of this entry I couldn't help but rock out to my memories of Janet Jackson's Control album (i.e. "No my first name ain't baby...It's Janet...It's Jackson if your nasty".)

But, I digress. This post is going to be about BAD GUYS.

As I scanned the newspapers today I was struck by the utter lawlessness of the people in power and started to realize that try as I might to not rant about politics in Salt's HEROES AND VILLAINS issue, it simply cannot be avoided any longer.

Here's a taste of what the Bush Administration has done recently that I read about today:

They appointed some hack who hadn't even graduated from college to NASA to argue against global warming!

Their new budget will cut funding for food programs that keep low-income seniors from starving!

It turns out they knew much more about Hurricane Katrina than they claimed!

AND, Instead of dealing with real issues, like, I don't know, war, torture, and wiretaps, they have chosen to pretend that they are presiding over the Island of Doctor Moreau and RANT AND RAVE about human-animal hybrids!??!

And, apparently, according to this totally long and totally interesting article in Rollingstone, they hang out with assholes who wouldn't mind doing away with the Constitution and just letting the bible sort things out!

So we've been starting to wonder--who is the shadowy Rasputin-like figure pulling the strings right now in the Bush Administration? All of this stuff is just so bat-shit crazy, it's hard to believe that there isn't some whacky, creepy, spiritual character manipulating the shit out of the White House.

I will be shocked senseless if anyone has been reading this blog, but if you have any ideas, please send them to us. OK? OK.

At some point soon, probably tomorrow, we'll do a post on Good Guys.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thanks Ladies!

We just found out that Bitch Magazine (Winter 2006) has named humble little Salt as one of the 10 Great Zines (that are still going) in the past 10 years.

Here's what they had to say about us:

"Published at least once, (sometimes twice) a year by Berry Steiner and Ellen James, and a talented design and editorial crew out of Pittsburgh, Salt is good-looking, well-spoken, and just the kind of zine you want to bring home with you for a night (or more)."

Sheesh! We're flattered to say the least!

Check out the other nine zines that made the list

LTTR (Art collective's zine)
Doris (Classic hand-written zine by a cool lady in North Carolina)
Xtra Tuf (Zine about Alaskan fishing and culture, but only available in print through AK Press.)
PekoPeko (So pretty!)
h2so4 (Whipsmart zine on philosophy and culture)
Push (Seattle-based zine of queer feminist subversion.)
Verbatim (Word geekery at its best.)
East Village Inky (Fun collection of comics and stories by a Brooklyn mother about her two kids)
Arcane (Co-editor Andy Steiner is Berry's aunt! Collection of smart and sweet personal essays currently on hiatus.)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We Are the Champions...of the world

The Steelers came back from their victory in Detroit to throngs of Pittsburghers. 250,000 people turned out for the victory parade, wearing black and gold mardi gras beads, jester caps, and the like. Here is a photo of the insanity, featuring our favorite player, dreamy Troy Polamalu, CROWD SURFING like he was at a punk rock show! He's the best.

Here are some fun facts about Troy:
1. He's Samoan
2. He raises orchids
3. He loves his wife and often points to his wedding ring after making awesome plays
4. He hasn't cut his hair in almost a decade
5. He has never been to a bar or club in Pittsburgh
6. He whittles wood and loves animals
7. He loves the countryside

Here's a photo of him in a tux:

Give us what you got!

So its that time of the year at Salt Industries, Inc. We're warming up the mimeograph machine in anticipation of the next issue of Salt, the Hero and Villain double issue. We're now accepting submissions for nonfiction essays, original illustrations, or comics that explore these fascinating archetypes.

But before you start sending us your carefully worded manifestos...We have a few rules to follow. For any stories, we like 'em short and to the point: about 500 to 1,000 words. And before you start typing away, first email us your idea and we'll then give you the go-ahead! And our final rule: no player haters need apply.

Our email is

Hope to hear from you soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

We Are the Champions


If you're reading this, we hope you've figured out that the people who bring you the Pittsburgh-based 'zine Salt have started a blog.

Check back here for links related to the themes that we've covered in past issues, news and announcements, and what not.

News of the weird: we recently found out that Salt was nominated for an Utne Reader Independent Press Award.

The timing was right on, because we're starting to think about the next installment of Salt the heroes and villains issue. As far as we're concerned the other 'zines nominated are all VILLAINS. We're now locked in cutthroat, high-stakes competition here, people.

Only one publication will emerge with the brass ring, and we're not ready to roll over and let those candy asses from Brooklyn or 'Frisco steal our glory.

Just pulling your chain...

Here are some heated competitions to get you in the spirit of the sporting life: knights in hairy armour in Olde Europe, lumberjacking and jilling, violent/sexy roller skating, and an amazing lil' lady who can eat the morbidly obese under the table.

We'll leave you with a cautionary tale of an innocent arm wrestling contest that turned ugly.

That's all for now! Keep your fingers crossed for the lovable losers from the Rust Belt who bring you Salt!